Patched MIT Pthreads (PMP) with TDI support

To get TDI support for the FSU pthreads do the following steps:

  1. download the patch
  2. follow the quick installation guide to apply this patch
  3. to get debugging support you need an installed TDI library and a patched Gdb 4.17
  4. to compile and link pthread applications you have to pass the compiler flag -ldl, because the TDI library is loaded by the patched pthreads library at runtime (with dlopen). If you don't use a SunOS, you propably have to pass additional compiler flags ( -rdynamic under Linux) to make the program symbols visible to the TDI library (SunOS's dlopen flag RTLD_PARENT)

Quick Installation guide

The patch is applicable to the version 1.8.8 of the PMP library. It's tested only on Solaris and Linux.
  1. Copy the patch to the directory containing the PMP pthreads source package directory.
  2. apply the patch by executing the command: ,,patch -p0 < pmpthreads-1.8.8-TDI.patch''
  3. after patching you can start with the normal PMP installation procedure

last modified: 1999-Apr-25
author: Daniel Schulz