Opt64 Cluster ⇔ 16+1 nodes, 32 dies, 64 cores, 64 bit (x86_64)


All machines are 2-way SMPs with dual-core AMD Opteron 265 processors, per core:

  • 64KB split I+D L1 caches, 2-way associative, 64B/line
  • 1MB shared L2 cache, 16-way associative, 64B/line


All software is 64 bit unless marked otherwise.


Before you use any node, check the calendar if someone needs exclusive access to some nodes. Do NOT use such nodes. Reserve your own nodes if you need access. (Password obtained from Operating Systems Research group.)


Using OpenMP

Using PAPI

Interactively running MPI programs with MPICH

User-level MPD

If mpdtrace is not running yet, the start your MPD ring:

Interactively running MPI programs with OpenMPI

MPI batch job submission

To reduce the per-node activity and avoid competition of jobs for resources, larger MPI jobs should be submitted as batch jobs. They can also be scheduled at certain times of the day (reserved in the calendar).

Batch submission is realized via Torque over OpenPBS (coming later: Maui Cluster Scheduler).

On opt, issue:

Power monitoring

Advanced topics

For all other topics, access is restricted. Request a root password. Also, read this documentation, which is only accessible from selected NCSU labs.

This applies to:

Known Problems

Please let us know if you have solutions to these problems.


Additional references: