David Whalley  University of Virginia 1990 Theodore Baker  Cornell 1974

Jack Davidson  University of Arizona 1981 Juris Hartmanis  CalTech 1955
Christopher W. Fraser  Yale University 1977 Robert Dilworth  California Institute of Technology 1939
Alan Perlis  MIT 1950 Morgan Ward  California Institute of Technology 1928
Philip Franklin  Priceton 1921 Eric Bell  Columbia University 1912
Oswald Veblen  University of Chicago 1903 Frank Cole  Harvard University 1886 Cassius Keyser  Columbia University 1902
E. H. Moore  Yale University 1885 C. Felix Klein  Universität Bonn 1868 Germany
H. A. Newton  Yale University 1850 Rudolf Lipschitz  Universität Berlin 1853 Germany
Julius Plüker  Philipps-Universität Marburg 1823 Germany
Michel Chasles  École Polytechnique 1814 France Gustav Dirichlet  Universität Bonn 1827 Germany
Martin Ohm  Universität Erlangen-Nünberg 1811 Germany Christian Gerling  Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 1812 Germany
Simeon Poisson  École Polytechnique ????  France Simeon Poisson  École Polytechnique ????  France Jean-Baptiste Fourier  ??? Karl von Langsdorf  Universität Erfurt 1781 Germany Carl Gauß  Universität Helmstedt 1799 Germany
Joseph Lagrange  no degree but a link to Euler Joseph Lagrange  no degree but a link to Euler Joseph Lagrange  no degree but a link to Euler
Johann Pfaff  Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 1786 Germany
Leonhard Euler  Universität Basel 1726 Switzerland
Abraham Kästner  Universität Leipzig 1739 Germany Abraham Kästner  Universität Leipzig 1739 Germany
Johann Bernoulli  Universität Basel 1694 Switzerland
Christian Hausen  Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg 1713 Germany
Jacob Bernoulli  Universität Basel 1684 Switzerland
Johann Wichmannshausen  Universität Leipzig 1685 Germany
Gottfried Leibniz  Universität Altdorf 1666 Germany
Otto Mencke  Universität Leipzig 1665
Erhard Weigel  Universität Leipzig 1650 Germany

Check out a more complete math lineage.
Here is my h-index that Google Scholar has.
And here is a CS-centric ranking by publications (even by area).
My Erdös number is ≤ 4. The shortest link appears to be Paul Erdös, Gabriel M. Silberman, Michel Cosnard, Tao Yang, Frank Mueller. (Meaningless, but fun stuff...)