CSC 246 -- Concepts and Facilities of Operating Systems for Computer Scientists

Name Days Time Room
Class Section 002 TH 4:05pm-5:20pm Withers 222
Instructor Frank Mueller W 9:30am - 10:30am 452 EGRC
TA (section 001) Dongfeng Chen MF 12:30pm-2:30pm Withers 402A/400
TA (section 002) Steven Cash MW 12:00pm - 2:00pm Withers 402A/400

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Lecture Notes and Reading Material
Homework Avg Due Time
HW1   Solutions 95.8 9/1/04 (midnight)
HW2   Solutions 83.8 9/8/04 (midnight)
HW3    Solutions 89.2 9/15/04 (midnight)
Solution for Quiz 62.3 N/A
HW4   Solutions 84.8 9/29/04 (midnight)
HW5   Solutions


Solution for Midterm 74.6 N/A
HW6   Solutions 84.4 10/21/04(midnight)
HW7   Solutions 86.1 10/28/04(midnight)
HW8  Solutions 85.6 11/05/04(midnight)
Solution for Quiz 2 81.0 N/A
HW9 Solutions 89.4 11/15/04(midnight)
HW10   Solutions 89.9 11/22/04(midnight)
HW11   Solutions 91.9 12/02/04(midnight)

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