Tentative Course Schedule*

Week Date Topics
1 Jan 9 Frank Mueller: Intro
Jan 11
2 Jan 16 Frank Mueller: D-Wave
Jan 18 no class (snow day)
3 Jan 23 Frank Mueller: D-Wave
Jan 25 Patrick Dreher: Quantum Devices and Physics
4 Jan 30 Scott Pakin (LANL): TBA
Feb 1 Patrick Dreher: Quantum Devices and Physics
5 Feb 6: Room 3211 EB2 Joel Gottlieb (D-Wave via Hangouts)
Feb 8 Onkar Patil: A Layered Software Architecture for Quantum Computing Design Tools
6 Feb 13 Greg Byrd: A Quantum Computer Logic Array Architecture
Feb 15 Dan Stancil: IBM Q and the Josephson junction
7 Feb 20: Room 3211 EB2 John Martinis (UCSB/Google via Hangouts): Quantum Hardware and Recent Results
Feb 22 Patrick Dreher: Quantum Devices and Physics
8 Feb 27: Room 3211 EB2 Travis Humble (ORNL via Hangouts): Systems and Software for Quantum Computing
Mar 1 no class (canceled)
9 Mar 6. no class
Mar 8. no class
10 Mar 13 Patrick Dreher: Quantum Devices and Physics
Mar 15
11 Mar 20 Joel Gottlieb (D-Wave in person): Introduction to the Physics of D-Wave and Comparison To Gate Model
Mar 22 Lubos Mitas (NCSU Physics): Quantum Monte Carlo methods for high-accuracy electronic structure of real materials
12 Mar 27. no class (canceled)
Mar 29 Thomas Schaefer (NCSU Physics): Quantum Computing for Quantum Many Body Physics
13 Apr 3 Frank Mueller: HW2
Apr 5 Hash Khetawat: ScaffCC: A Framework for Compilation and Analysis of Quantum Computing Programs
14 Apr 10. Behnam Kia: Quantum machine learning
Apr 12. Abida Haque: Quantum Information Theory and Holevo's Bound
15 Apr 17 Utsab Ray: Solving the Optimal Trading Trajectory Problem Using a Quantum Annealer
Apr 19 Ali Javadi (IBM): TBA
16 Apr 24. no class (canceled)
Apr 26. no class (canceled)
17 Apr 30: Monday: Lab tour at Duke Atrium of the Duke Fitzpatrick building (walk from parking indicated by URL) at 12:55pm
May 1: Room 3300 EB2 Quantum FFT
May 3: Room 2216 EB2 Shor's algorithm
18 May 8: Room 3300 EB2 Grover's algorithm and discussion on future collaborations
May 10: Room 3211 EB2 Jungsang Kim (Duke/IonQ)

*This schedule is tentative and subject to change.