CSC 714 Fall 2002 Project Lists

Group 1
Adinarayanan Venkatachalam
Srivatsa Chivukula

Topic:  Familiar Linux for the iPAQ H3975 (XScale Processor) Project Web-page

Equipment: iPAQ OS40, OS Lab machine 24
Software: Familiar Linux

Group 2
Prakash Ramrakhyani
Mark Wah
Benjamin Welch

Topic:  Implementing a Frequency Scaling Algorithm for iPAQ H3975 Project Web Page

Equipment: iPAQ OS43 , OS Lab machine 25

Group 3
Gautam Gopinadhan
Palash Kasodhan
Jaydeep Marathe

Topic:  Remote Debugging of RCX (Hitachi H8/300 processor) with GDB Project Web-page

Equipment: RCX, OS Lab machine 26

Group 4
Haihui Huang
Xuejun Sun

Topic:  Remote Controller for Lego Mindstorm RCX Project Web-page

Equipment: RCX (one or more),OS Lab machine 27

Group 5
Kiran Seth

Topic:  Pipeline and Path Analysis for Power-aware Embedded Architecture Project Web-page

Equipement: None

Group 6
Kaustubh S. Patil

Topic:  Static Timing Analysis through Modular Composition using Parametric Cache Model Project Web-page

Equipement: None

Group 7
Amit Choudhary
Nitin Shrivastav
Ramnath Venugopalan

Topic:  Implementation of EDF,PIP and PCEP in RT-Linux Project Web-page

Equipement: OS lab machine 21
Software : RT-Linux

Group 8
Sibin Mohan
Vikram Poojary
Harini Ramaprasad

Topic:  Bounding the blocking time for EDF-DVS Project Web-page

Equipement: OS Lab machine 28

Group 9
Prasanth Ganesan
Shobhit Kanaujia
Ishdeep Sawhney

Topic:  Anaysis of a Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling Algorithm on Xscale Project Web-page

Equipement: iPAQ OS41 , OS Lab machine 29
              Microsoft embedded Visual Tool
              Pocket PC 2002 SDK
              Hand-held device emulation software

Group 10
Sangram Kadam
Manish Hirlekar
Piyush Raju

Topic:  Design and Implementation of an EDF Scheduler in RT-Linux Project Web-page

Equipement: OS lab machine 22
Software: RED-Linux

Group 11
Anita Nagarajan
Guru Ranganathan
Vasanth Asokan

Topic:  To test and evaluate QoS guarantees for applications on iPAQ over 802.11b network Project Web-page

Equipement: iPAQ OS42 , OS Lab machine 30

Group 12
Yifan Zhu

Topic:  Feedback DVS-EDF Scheduling for Crusoe Processor Project Web-page

Equipement: Crusoe Processor

Group 13
Nirmit Desai

Topic:  Distributed RCX experiments (controlling a roving robot remotely by an RCX) Project Web-page

Equipement: one or more RCXs, , OS Lab machine 31

Group 14
Shalin Dalal
Vivek Rao
Sameer Rajyaguru

Topic:  Implementation of Feedback Control, EDF Scheduling Algorithm in RED-Linux Project Web Page

Equipment: OS lab machine 23
Software: RED-Linux