Extension of UW Classroom Presenter

Real Time Systems Project

Project Description

About Classroom Presenter

Classroom Presenter is a distributed presentation system for the Tablet PC. It allows presentations to be shared conveniently between the presenter and the audience. The initial development of ConferenceXP Presenter was done at Microsoft Research in 2002. Subsequent development has been done at University of Washington, and current versions of Classroom Presenter are available at the Classwoom Presenter website. This can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. For e.g., it allows an instructor to make notes, which can be seen instantly by students. It also allows feedback from the students to be collected by the instructor and gives him the option of displaying the feedbacks. It achieves this by operating in two separate modes, the instructor mode and student mode.

Our Extension

The UW Classroom Presenter supports a single Presenter presenting a session and multiple Viewers. We implemented a Collaborator mode where multiple presenters control the presentation. We allowed each collaborator to control navigation of slides and implemented simultaneous inking capability. A change made by one collaborator will be visible to other collabortors and viewers connected to the presentaion. In a way our Collaborator mode has properties of both the Presenter and the Viewer of the UW CLassroom Presenter. This mode can be applied in research seminars, classroom settings or teleconferences, which involve frequent interactions.

Screen Shot showing two Collaborators and a Viewer

For more information on our model please refer to our Course Report.

Future Work

We plan to port the student mode to iPAQ, so that students can view presentations and provide feedback using their iPAQs. We wish to add inking and navigation capabilities to a PDA interface of Classroom Presenter based on the CMU Pebbles project by Brad Myers.

Project Team

Anubhav Dhoot avdhoot@unity.ncsu.edu
Soma Saha ssaha@unity.ncsu.edu