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CSC 801

CSC 801 : Seminar in Computer Science -TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

Date : Friday

Time : 11:00 am

Place: 3211, EBII.

Note: A change from the regular schedule/ venue will be marked by a * in the calendar of seminars.

Instructor : Dr. Xiaosong Ma

Co-ordinator: Fei Meng






Conference Room Conflict, No Seminar

Fri. 8/19

Kickoff from Xiaosong Ma

A Tunable, Software-based DRAM Error Detection and Correction Library for HPC. Abstract.

David Fiala

Fri. 8/26

11:00 am

3211 EB2

Automating data movement in the discontinuous memory hierarchy of a CPU-GPU heterogeneous system Abstract.

Feng Ji

Fri. 9/2

11:00 am

3211 EB2

Probabilistic Communication and I/O Tracing with Deterministic Replay at Scale. Abstract.

Yongpeng Zhang

Fri. 9/9

11:00 am

1220 EB2*

Secure Isolation of Hosted Hypervisors with HyperLock. Abstract.

Zhi Wang

Fri. 9/16

11:00 am

3211 EB2

Low-latency Collective Operations for the Intel Single-chip Cloud Computer (SCC). Link.

Jörg Nolte

Fri. 9/23

11:00 am

3211 EB2

ELT: Efficient Log-based Troubleshooting System for Cloud Computing Infrastructures. Abstract.

Kamal Kc

Fri. 9/30

11:00 am

3211 EB2

Fall Break, No Seminar

Fri. 10/7

1. CloudScale: Elastic Resource Scaling for Multi-Tenant Cloud Systems. Abstract.
2. Propagation-aware Anomaly Localization for Cloud Hosted Distributed Applications Abstract.

1.Zhiming Shen

2.Hiep Nguyen

Fri. 10/14

11:00 am

3211 EB2

(How) Can Programmers Conquer the Multicore Menace? Link

Saman Amarasinghe

Mon. 10/17

4:00 pm

3211 EB2*

Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance for Fail-Stop Failures. Abstract.

James Elliott

Fri. 10/28

11:00 am

3211 EB2

The Mercury flash cache: a hypervisor-integrated second-level storage cache. Link

Steve Byan

Fri. 11/4

11:00 am

3211 EB2

Compilation for GPGPU and Variable-Strength ECC for Phase Change Memory. Abstract and Bio.

Huiyang Zhou

Fri. 11/11

11:00 am

3211 EB2

Abstract. and Link.

Priya Narasimhan

Wed. 11/16

10:00 am

3211 EB2*(CRA-Distinguished Lecture)

Programming at scale: making it easier and why it's still hard. Link.

Rebecca Isaacs

Thu. 11/17

10:00 am

3211 EB2*(CRA-W Distinguished Lecture)

Thanksgiving Holidays, No Seminar

Fri. 11/25

Title: Defending Users Against Smartphone Apps: Techniques and Future Directions Abstract.

William Enck

Fri. 12/2

11:00 am

3211 EB2