CSC801 -- Systems Seminar -- Fall 2018

This is the course webpage for the Fall 2018 systems seminar. The seminar will be held weekly on Fridays from 11am-12n in 3211 EBII. We need volunteers to give talks on (a) your research, (b) practice conference/workshop talks, (c) papers you found interesting and would like to share. If you want to give a talk, please email Tao Wang (twang15 at and CC Prof. Guoliang Jin (guoliang_jin at

Date Time Location Speaker Topic/Title
Friday, August 24 11am-12n 3211 EBII Organizational Meeting
Friday, August 31 11am-12n 3211 EBII Jingzhu He TScope: Automatic Timeout Bug Identification for Server Systems
Friday, September 7 11am-12n 3211 EBII Qi Zhao A discussion on synchronization determinism
Friday, September 14 11am-12n 3211 EBII Cancelled Due to hurricane florence
Friday, September 21 11am-12n 3211 EBII Ting Dai DScope: Detecting Real-World Data Corruption Hang Bugs in Cloud Server Systems
Friday, September 28 11am-12n 3211 EBII Hao Zhang Mobile Edge Computing with Software-defined Network Integration
Friday, October 5 Fall Break
Friday, October 12 11am-12n 3211 EBII Shuai Yang FALCON: A Fast Drop-In Replacement of Citation KNN for Multiple Instance Learning
Friday, October 19 11am-12n 3211 EBII Hang Xu Machine Learning Enhanced Real-Time Intrusion Detection Using Timing Information
Friday, October 26 11am-12n 3211 EBII Alec Rohloff and Zackary Allen Our experience of developing an untethered virtual reality system
Friday, November 2 11am-12n 3300 EBII Anwesha Das Doomsday: Predicting Which Node Will Fail When on Supercomputers
Friday, November 9 11am-12n 3211 EBII Shuai Yang LEEM: Lean Elastic EM for Gaussian Mixture Model via Bounds-Based Filtering
Monday, November 19 9:30-10:30am 3211 EBII Jennifer Beckmann Controlled Experiments: An indispensable tool for modern developers
Friday, November 23 Thanksgiving
Friday, November 30 11am-12n 3211 EBII
Friday, December 7 11am-12n 3211 EBII