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Spring 2009: CSC 801

CSC 801 : Seminar in Computer Science -TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

Date : Every Wednesday.

Time : 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Place: 3211, EBII.

Note: A change from the regular schedule/venue will be marked by a * in the calendar of seminars.

Coordinator : Dr. Xuxian Jiang ()






Kickoff Meeting - W Jan 14 10:00am 3211 EB2

End to End Computing Research on Petascale Computers

Scott Klasky W Jan 21 10:30am 3211 EB2

Vehicular Urban Sensing: Dissemination and Retrieval*

Mario Gerla M Jan 26 04:00pm 3211 EB2
Isolar: Application Sandboxing using Virtualization Ashish Thakwani W Feb 4 10:00am 3211 EB2
Parallel Programming with (almost) No Parallel Programming* Sam Midkiff F Feb 13 2:20pm - 3:10pm 1231 EB2
Performance Modeling Techniques to Characterize and Optimize Scaling* Martin W J Schulz TH Feb 19 10:00am 3211 EB2
On the Scalability of Real-Time Scheduling Algorithms on Multicore Platforms: A Case Study* James Anderson F Feb 20 2:20 PM - 3:10 PM 1231 EB2
NO SEMINAR (Spring Break) - W March 4 - -
Mitigating the effect of storage system errors on system serviceability and energy consumption Ali Butt W March 11 10:00am 3211 EB2
GPU-Accelerated Text Mining Yongpeng Zhang W March 18 10:00am 3211 EB2

Memory Resource Allocation for File System Prefetching -- From a Supply Chain Management Perspective

Zhe Zhang W March 25 10:00am 3211 EB2
Construction and Evaluation of Coordinated Performance Skeletons Xing Wu W Apr 1 10:00am 3211 EB2
The Parallel Revolution Has Started: Are You Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem? Dave Patterson M Apr 6 04:00pm 3211 EB2
Building an Open Virtual Machine Image Library: Security Challenges and Opportunities Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang W Apr 8 10:00am 3211 EB2
PADD: Power-Aware Domain Distribution Tyler Bletsch W Apr 15 10:00am 3211 EB2
Modeling and analyzing high performance system on a chip architectures Nigel Paver Th Apr 23 10:30am 3211 EB2
Push-Assisted Migration of Real-Time Tasks in Multi-Core Processors Abhik Sarkar W Apr 29 10:00am 3211 EB2