Tilera Board

We have acquired a Tilera board with 64 processors with the Multicore Development Environment software.
  • Software: Multicore Development Environment (Linux 2.6, ZOL, BME, C/C++ SDK for Eclipse, hypervisor)
  • TILEncore Card (see PB024_Tilencore_A_v3) with a TilePro64 processor. Specs:
    • TilePro64, 64 cores, 700MHZ, IPC=3,
    • 16+8KB L1I+D, 64KB L2, soft 5MB L3=64xL2 (DDC), 4GB RAM
    • 6 mesh networks: memory, streaming, user, cache, IPC, STN
    • opt. Hardwall paritioning (diff. virt machines) of mesh
    • 4 DDR2 memory controllers
    • 2 Gbps Ethernet ports
    • 2 PCIe controllers
    • 2 10Gbps XAUI interfaces
    • 2 Flex I/O interfaces (compact flash, disks)

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  • Before using the tilera board, you must have a reservation listed on the calendar at calendar.google.com
  • First Time Users: Once you log in, Under "My Calendars" please add a calendar with the name of your unityid and choose an unused color. Instructions (Reservation account)
  • Each time you make a reservation select to add the event onto the calendar of your unityid.
  • Reservations consist of a network access port and a set of tiles 0 - 63.
  • Username and Password Login Info (Limited Access).
  • Instructions to start up a network session are provided in the readme.
  • If you are starting a reservation during a time when another reservation has already started! Instructions (Reservation account).