ARO Planning Workshop on

Embedded Systems and Network Security
February 22-23, 2007, Raleigh, NC, USA

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Embedded systems and networks are used heavily in critical defense applications.  Malicious or accidental failures in embedded systems can have dire consequences. The integrity of embedded software infrastructures, such as configuration and code, is of utmost importance. The autonomous nature of embedded systems also poses new challenges in the context of system integrity.  Since embedded systems are reactive, unexpected environment events or environment events generated by a malicious adversary can cause failures in embedded systems and networks.  Embedded systems and networks often have to operate autonomously in a changing environment. Therefore, infrastructure of an embedded system has to be updated to adapt its behavior to the change in environment or the overall mission. Unauthorized or unverified updates to the infrastructure of an embedded system can compromise its integrity. This workshop intends to bring researchers that have expertise in a variety of techniques for ensuring the security and integrity of mission-critical embedded systems and networks.

Objective of the workshop:

The purpose of this workshop is for a group of experts to present the state of art of embedded system and network security research and to discuss and develop a research roadmap. Each invitee will have 20 minutes (sharp) to present his/her research interests/project. A 30-minute group discussion / Q&A seesion will also be scheduled at the end of each session.

The research areas covered under the workshop (but not limited to) will be:

- Embedded and real-time system security
- Wireless sensor network security
- MANET security
- Mobile phone security
- Program verification/validation in embedded systems
- Trusted computing platform and its application in embedded systems and networks

The workshop is by invitation only. You should contribute a short position paper (up to 2 pages) addressing one or several workshop topics listed above. The position papers are intended for facilitating discussions at the workshop.

Each topic coverage should address the following questions:

   1. What are the three fundamental limitations of today's security mechanisms?
   2. What are the three most important research challenges?
   3. What are promising innovations and abstractions for future systems?
   4. What are possible milestones for the next 5 to10 years?



Invited participants should submit position papers describing grand challenges (not their solutions) and new research directions to Submissions are restricted to 2 pages. Submissions should be e-mailed to one of the workshop organizers.  Preferred formats are PDF or PostScript.


Important Dates:

Submission Deadline for Position Papers: Feb 4, 2007 at midnight EDT



All participants should arrive the day before the venue and schedule their return flight no earlier than 3pm or the last day (or the following day). Please make your own travel arrangements (consult the list of non-stop destinations from RDU). You will be reimbursed in full (assuming regular coach fares, non-refundable).



We have already reserved a room for you at the Holiday Inn Brownstone, 1707 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC, phone: 919-828-0811.

Workshop site:


The workshop will be held in room 3002 in Engineering Building II on the Centennial Campus of NC State University. Check this map for directions to the workshop site from the hotel. Here are directions from the airport.


Workshop Program + Slides (coming later):


Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

8:00-9:00 introduction and working breakfast


9:00-10:30 Adversary Models (Chair: Peng Ning)
Virgil Gligor (slides)
Radha Poovendran (slides)
Suman Banerjee (slides)
session summary

10:30-11:00 break


11:00-12:30 Languages and Software Engineering (Chair: Frank Mueller)
Jack Davidson (slides)
Phil Koopman (slides)
session summary

12:30-2:00 lunch


2:00-3:30 Software Security (Chair: Purush Iyer)
Adrian Perrig (slides)
Somesh Jha (slides)
Kang Shin (slides)
session summary

3:30-4:00 break


4:00-5:30 Hardware Security (Chair: Tao Xie)

Sean Smith (slides)
Hsien-Hsin Lee (slides)
Yan Solihin (slides)
session summary

6:30 dinner

Friday, Feb 23, 2007

8:00-8:30 working breakfast


8:30-10:00 Robust Distributed Services (Chair: Cliff Wang)

Mike Reiter (slides)
John Stankovic (slides)
Gene Tsudik (slides)
session summary

10:00-10:30 break



Wireless Sensor Networks, MANET and Cellular Security (Chair: Peng Ning)

Wenliang Du (slides)

Wenye Wang (slides)

12:00-2:00 working lunch: summary & outlook


Online Proceedings (coming later):




Cliff Wang (ARO)

Peng Ning (NCSU)

Frank Mueller (NCSU)


Kang Shin (U Mich)

John Stankovic (UVA)

Phil Koopman (CMU)

Wenliang Du (Syracuse U.)

Virgil Gligor (UMD)

Radha Poovendran (UW)

Adrian Perrig (CMU)

Gene Tsudik (UCI)

Mike Reiter (CMU)

Jack Davidson UVA)

Hsien-Hsin Lee (GaTech)

Suman Banerjee (U Wisc.)

Somesh Jha (U Wisc.)

Sean Smith (Dartmouth U.)

Wenye Wang (NCSU)

Purush Iyer (NCSU)

Yan Solihin (NCSU)

Tao Xie (NCSU)