CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Distributed Asynchronous Algorithms and Software Systems for Wide-Area Monitoring of Power Systems

The objective of this NSF-CPS Synergy proposal is to develop a distributed algorithmic framework, supported by a highly fault-tolerant software system, for executing critical transmission-level operations of the North American power grid using gigantic volumes of Synchrophasor data.

Our primary task, therefore, will be to develop parallel computational methods for solving real-time wide-area monitoring and control problems with analytical investigation of their stability, convergence and robustness properties, followed by their implementation and testing against extraneous malicious attacks using our WAMS-RTDS testbed at NC State. In particular, we will address three critical research problems, namely (1) wide-area oscillation detection, (2) Synchrophasor-based transient stability assessment, and (3) voltage stability monitoring.

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