CSC714 Semester Project

"Android wifi social networking"

Project Goal

We will use a Google Android phone (the HTC G1) to implement a scheme for sharing local wifi signal strength among other Android users.

A user's phone will publish the signal strength of wifi networks in the area. Other Android users will be able to view this information if a better wifi location is desired. Wifi data will be presented on a Google Map, to indicate other users' wifi status.






Install Eclipse+SDK on Linux Phil Yes April 1
Install Eclipse+SDK on Windows Sushmita Yes April 1
Research WifiManager and obtain wifi data, displayed to screen Sushmita Yes April 1
Evaluate WAMF and Google Latitude Phil Yes April 1
Create wifi data container classes and serialize locally/remotely Phil Yes April 8
Display name, location, and wifi data via Google Maps overlay Sushmita Yes April 8
Phase 1: Store wifi data + geographical data in a local data structure (on phone) Phil Yes April 8
Phase 1: Display data as Google Maps overlay Sushmita Yes April 8
Phase 2: Post wifi data structure to server Phil Yes April 15
Phase 2: Retrieve wifi data structure from server and display locally Sushmita Yes April 15
Prepare presentation & final report Phil+Sushmita Yes April 21

Implementation Notes/Ideas

Future Work



Modified 04/21/09