Time: F 11:00-12:00
(different from TRACS)
Call no:  250720
Room: EB2 Room 3211  
Seq no: 001
V. Freeh (primary)
F. Mueller
X. Ma
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Tyler Bletsch
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CSC 801: System Seminar

When Who Title
25 Aug Vince Freeh  Organizational meeting
1 Sep Ravi Ramaseshan  Phoenix Based Dynamic Slicing Tool (slides - odp format)
8 Sep Min Yeol Lim  Adaptive, Transparent Frequency and Voltage Scaling of Communication Phases in MPI Programs (paper, slides)
15 Sep Dimitris Nikolopoulos  Event-Driven Scalability Prediction: Improving Energy Efficiency under Hard Performance Constraints on Multiprocessors (slides)
22 Sep Heshan Lin  Parallel Genomic Sequence-Searching on an Ad-Hoc Grid: Experiences, Lessons Learned, and Implications (paper, slides)
29 Sep Kim Hazelwood  ECE Seminar: Tortola: Addressing Tomorrow's Computing Challenges through Hardware/Software Symbiosis (slides)
6 Oct Zachary Ives  ORCHESTRA: Rapid, Collaborative Sharing of Dynamic Data (slides, paper)
20 Oct Arun Babu Nagarajan  Proactive Fault Tolerance for HPC with Xen Virtualization (slides)
27 Oct Cristina Nita-Rotaru  Dependable and Secure Distributed Systems (slides)
30 Oct
(Mon 4pm,
MRC 313)
Barton Miller  Binary Code Patching: An Ancient Art Refined for the 21st Century (slides)
10 Nov Harini Ramaprasad   Tightening the Bounds on Feasible Preemption Points (slides, paper)
13 Nov
(Mon 4pm,
MRC 313)
Henry Levy  Reliability Challenges for Commodity Operating Systems (slides)
17 Nov
Yale Patt  ECE Seminar: TBD
13 Dec
(Wed 11a,
Andy Ayers Microsoft Phoenix: A Framework for Program Analysis and Transformation. (slides) (remove dashes)