Time: F 11:00-12:30
(unless announced otherwise) 
Room: EB2 Room 3211  
Sec no: 007
X. Ma (primary)
V. Freeh
F. Mueller

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Heshan Lin
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CSC 801: System Seminar

When Who Title
12 Jan Xiaosong Ma  Organizational meeting
19 Jan No Meeting
26 Jan Jiangtian Li PR: Automatic, transparent runtime parallelization of the R scripting language (slides)
2 Feb Kenneth Ross Efficient Hash Probes on Modern Processors
9 Feb Rudi Eigenmann Implementing Tomorrow's Programming Languages (slides)
16 Feb Prasun Ratn //TRACE: Parallel Trace Replay with Approximate Causal Events, FAST 07 (paper,slides)
22 Feb Miron Livny Submitting locally and running globally: The GLOW and OSG Experience, (slides)
2 Mar Tyler Bletsch Scaling and Packing on a Chip Multiprocessor (slides)
5 Mar David Evans Disk-Level Behavioral Virus Detection, (slides)
9 Mar Spring Break
16 Mar Chao Wang A Job Pause Service under LAM/MPI+BLCR for Transparent Fault Tolerance, IPDPS 07 (slides)
19 Mar Xiaotong Zhuang Compiler Optimizations For Highly Constrained Multithreaded Multicore Processors, (slides)
22 Mar Nagiza Samatova Towards Data Analytics at Petascale: Finding the Dots, Connecting the Dots, Understanding the Dots
23 Mar Frank Mueller Scalable Compression and Replay of Communication Traces in Massively Parallel Environments, IPDPS 07 (slides)
30 Mar Ravi Ramaseshan
Sibin Mohan
1. Soft Error Protection via Fault-Resilient Data Representations, SELSE 07 (slides)
2. CheckerMode : A hybrid scheme for timing analysis of modern processor pipelines involving hardware/software interactions (abstract, slides)
2 Apr Eno Thereska Enabling what-if explorations in distributed systems
6 Apr Spring Holiday
9 Apr Troy Johnson Algorithm Composition using Domain-Specific Libraries and Program Decomposition for Thread-Level Speculation, (slides)
12 Apr Monica Lam Consumerizing PCs: From Research to Product
13 Apr Xiaohui (Helen) Gu System support for large-scale on-line data analysis
20 Apr Arun Babu Proactive Fault Tolerance for HPC with Xen Virtualization (slides)
21 May Martin Schulz Developing New Tool Strategies for Scalable HPC Systems (slides) (remove dashes)